Factors to Consider When Looking For A Residential Sandblasting Service Provider

Sandblasting can be effectively used on a wide range of metal and wood projects in industrial, commercial and residential sites. It can be used to clean old surface coatings, paint or strip stains from ceiling wood décor, beams etc. It can also be used to remove fire damage or smoke stains, expose the grain in wood for some raised effect or restore original siding and wood ceiling woods to achieve a new and beautiful look. When looking for a good residential sandblasting company, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration, these include but are not limited to the following;

Years of experience and level of expertise

Sandblasting is without doubt a technical undertaking and it is therefore important to note the level of expertise the firm or company you want to engage has. Feel free to inquire from the management about the technical qualifications of their lead employees or individuals who will be assigned your job. It is also important to inquire about the years of experience the company has in the business. The more experienced the service provider is, the higher the probability of getting the job well done. This is one business where you don’t want to be the first client. Whenever possible, go for a provider with years of experience and highly trained employees.

Tools and Equipments

Even though sandblasting doesn’t require a truck full of tools and equipments, it is important to ensure that the firm you want to engage has access to the best and most appropriate tools and equipments. There are over twenty (20) different types of sandblaster abrasives or media commercially available, their use depend on the difficulty of the removal and the impact the material in question can withstand. Make sure they have gentle, medium media such as walnut shells or pumice. For automotive sandblasting ensure they have plastic beads and for the toughest jobs, ask if they have silicon carbide. If you are keen on special finishes then ensure the service provider can work with steel shot or grit. An established company will also have several sandblasting guns to offer different cfm and nozzle diameters. Employees should always be protected using the requisite safety gear.

Add-on services

For residential sandblasting, Texas, some of the most common projects includes refurbishing swimming pools, parking decks, concrete driveways and automobiles. It is important to note that most of these projects usually require additional painting and coating services. This usually takes place after priming so as to ensure better paint adhesion and enhanced paint durability. Priming does also offers additional protection for the material being painted; this is because once water seeps through a metal that’s bare and not primed then oxidation will start immediately. It is therefore important to get a sandblaster who is also well experienced in offering these add-on services so that you finish up the job at once.

Location and ability to work on and off-site

By its very nature, sandblasting is a very versatile undertaking in that it can be done on different appliances, fixtures and automobiles. In this regard, it is not always practical to go where the service provider is located. A good sandblasting company should be mobile enough to come where you want them to and come with all the requisite tools and equipments. For residential sandblasting Texas, safety is usually paramount. If it is being done outdoors, it is best done in a confined place such as under a make shift tarpaulin, taking into consideration the noise and chemical pollution that’s normally associated with this kind of activity. In case they are using aluminum oxide as an abrasive then it is important for the company to have a good clean up plan to dispose of the material after its use. It is mainly because of the above that it is recommended that whenever possible, get a good sandblaster who is within your locality as the team can easily work off-site if needed and incase of any shortcomings, you can always walk into their offices and get it worked out. They also tend to be a bit cheaper in that there is minimal traveling or transportation costs for both parties.

Customer care

Just like any other business, make a point of checking out the customer care standards of a company before engaging their services. You can do this by looking at very simple and basic things, take note of how fast they provided you with a quotation and how they handled any follow-up queries. Find out how many communication channels they have out there, be it a 24/7 telephone line, live chat, social media account or just email. Check out how fast they respond to client queries and how accurate they are with their answers. If they take a long time to handle your query, they are not reachable on the phone or made promises to call you back and didn’t then chances are that the poor treatment will only get worse once you sign the dotted line.