Best Services in Commercial Sandblasting In Permian Basin In Texas

Sandblasting is one of the oldest methods used for treating various types of surfaces. IT involves the use of various abrasive media to clean the surface. The process involves the use of media to clean and abrade a surface, typically metal. This is done by using an air powered pressure gun that blasts sand at a very high velocity to impact the intended surface. Commercial sandblasting is basically for any type of commercial or industrial project. Industrial and commercial sandblasting effectively removes paint, mill scale and other substrates from affected surfaces. It removes rust, corrosion and discoloration from the surface.
For commercial and industrial users that face a variety of power washing and sandblasting applications, power washers with wet sandblasters are the ideal choice. It is widely used in engineering, heavy engineering, construction, fabrication and many other industries for different applications. The experts use a variety of surface preparation methods to prepare the surface for sandblasting. The process requires specialized skills, experience, technical know how and the right equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a reputable and reliable commercial sandblasting services in Texas.

Uses of commercial or industrial sandblasting-Commercial sandblasting can be useful for many applications such as industrial cleaning, commercial painting, industrial cleaning services, industrial coatings, powder coatings etc. Sandblasting can be done for varied range of industrial and commercial equipment including shipping containers, excavation containers, tippers, trailers, earthmoving equipment, automotive, trains/bogies, steel doors, wrought iron, farm and ranch equipment, brick and masonary, concrete surfaces, tables and chairs, horse floats etc.

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We are a professional sandblasting company that provides cost-effective quality services all across the Permian Basin of Texas. We ensure that all work is done to the higest standards. We offer high quality workmanship to all our clients. We use only premium grade media to make sure your surface is clean and ready for use. Our experienced team of technicians professionally clean small as well as large machinery for the earthmoving and mining industries. We have many years experience, best equipment and one hundred percent safety record in Texas. We strive hard to excel in our services by providing the best in the industry.
Sandblasting can be dangerous, and it can also damage the people and materials involved. We make sure to follow all appropriate industry standards and government regulations. We use the best quality silicate materials, breathing protection, dust collectors and protective clothing to ensure safety for those involved in the sandblasting process.

What makes us different from others?
With so many sandblasting companies all across the State, and each claiming to provide the best quality services, it becomes difficult to choose the one that offers cost-effective high quality solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality work. Here are our special features that make us stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

Quality work- Our expert team is aware of the latest techniques and materials used for sandblasting heavy equipment. We employ the most appropriate technique suitable for cleaning each individual project. Each of our employee is committed to providing highest quality work.

Modern equipment- The process of sandblasting involves a range of equipment, tools and media to provide the best results. We use modern blasting equipment and materials that makes us well equipped to handle small as well as big jobs, including road transport equipment, automobiles and earthmoving machinery.
We work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and recommending the latest methods in surface preparation, high pressure water or sand blasting and specialized coatings.

Cost effective solutions- We believe in transparent pricing. Our team assesses the products need to be sandblasted and provides you a free estimate for the project. Our efficient and fast methods reduce the overall cost of the process.
Timely scheduling- We work around your scheduled downtime, and perform during night or evening to ensure minimum disruption to your operation. For mobile equipment, we can perform the work off site. Our trained technicians ensure that your work is delivered on time.



Factors to Consider When Looking For A Residential Sandblasting Service Provider

Sandblasting can be effectively used on a wide range of metal and wood projects in industrial, commercial and residential sites. It can be used to clean old surface coatings, paint or strip stains from ceiling wood décor, beams etc. It can also be used to remove fire damage or smoke stains, expose the grain in wood for some raised effect or restore original siding and wood ceiling woods to achieve a new and beautiful look. When looking for a good residential sandblasting company, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration, these include but are not limited to the following;

Years of experience and level of expertise

Sandblasting is without doubt a technical undertaking and it is therefore important to note the level of expertise the firm or company you want to engage has. Feel free to inquire from the management about the technical qualifications of their lead employees or individuals who will be assigned your job. It is also important to inquire about the years of experience the company has in the business. The more experienced the service provider is, the higher the probability of getting the job well done. This is one business where you don’t want to be the first client. Whenever possible, go for a provider with years of experience and highly trained employees.

Tools and Equipments

Even though sandblasting doesn’t require a truck full of tools and equipments, it is important to ensure that the firm you want to engage has access to the best and most appropriate tools and equipments. There are over twenty (20) different types of sandblaster abrasives or media commercially available, their use depend on the difficulty of the removal and the impact the material in question can withstand. Make sure they have gentle, medium media such as walnut shells or pumice. For automotive sandblasting ensure they have plastic beads and for the toughest jobs, ask if they have silicon carbide. If you are keen on special finishes then ensure the service provider can work with steel shot or grit. An established company will also have several sandblasting guns to offer different cfm and nozzle diameters. Employees should always be protected using the requisite safety gear.

Add-on services

For residential sandblasting, Texas, some of the most common projects includes refurbishing swimming pools, parking decks, concrete driveways and automobiles. It is important to note that most of these projects usually require additional painting and coating services. This usually takes place after priming so as to ensure better paint adhesion and enhanced paint durability. Priming does also offers additional protection for the material being painted; this is because once water seeps through a metal that’s bare and not primed then oxidation will start immediately. It is therefore important to get a sandblaster who is also well experienced in offering these add-on services so that you finish up the job at once.

Location and ability to work on and off-site

By its very nature, sandblasting is a very versatile undertaking in that it can be done on different appliances, fixtures and automobiles. In this regard, it is not always practical to go where the service provider is located. A good sandblasting company should be mobile enough to come where you want them to and come with all the requisite tools and equipments. For residential sandblasting Texas, safety is usually paramount. If it is being done outdoors, it is best done in a confined place such as under a make shift tarpaulin, taking into consideration the noise and chemical pollution that’s normally associated with this kind of activity. In case they are using aluminum oxide as an abrasive then it is important for the company to have a good clean up plan to dispose of the material after its use. It is mainly because of the above that it is recommended that whenever possible, get a good sandblaster who is within your locality as the team can easily work off-site if needed and incase of any shortcomings, you can always walk into their offices and get it worked out. They also tend to be a bit cheaper in that there is minimal traveling or transportation costs for both parties.

Customer care

Just like any other business, make a point of checking out the customer care standards of a company before engaging their services. You can do this by looking at very simple and basic things, take note of how fast they provided you with a quotation and how they handled any follow-up queries. Find out how many communication channels they have out there, be it a 24/7 telephone line, live chat, social media account or just email. Check out how fast they respond to client queries and how accurate they are with their answers. If they take a long time to handle your query, they are not reachable on the phone or made promises to call you back and didn’t then chances are that the poor treatment will only get worse once you sign the dotted line.

Important Points that You Need to Know About Industrial Sandblasting

Industrial sandblasting is basically the business of removing scale, paint and rust from various metal components for the customers. The companies providing this service are also known as stripping companies and they make use of sandblasters for stripping objects completely. These objects can be as large as the full-size trailers and automobiles or as small as the antique and exclusive toy cars. Typical sandblasting services provide a wide assortment of blasting media starting from walnut shells and baking soda to sand. Here, it is to be noted that each specific media type has its very own specialized use.

Why go for Professional Sandblasting?
There are some important steps taken for removing old paint, rust, old chrome and rust plating for refurbishing, refinishing and restoring metal or steel items. The most basic technique used for preparing a surface for a completely new finish is manual sanding which can always be very difficult and even time-consuming. Another method used for this purpose is chemical stripping which can again be very dangerous and messy for the environment and for the user. This is the main reason why professional sandblasting is considered one of the most effective methods of removing the unwanted remains on metal surfaces. This is one procedure which can also be used for removing rusted steel from the component that is being stripped.

Industrial Sandblasting- The Complete Overview
Industrial sandblasting is a procedure where the objects that need to be sandblasted are brought to the location of the stripper. Then the items are positioned within a blasting booth with appropriate media loaded in the blasting machinery. The operator starts at one end of the object that is being blasted and then works the small areas till the raw metal finish is remaining. The surface that is sandblasted needs to be covered using a sealer or primer post sandblasting. This helps in resisting rust from moisture present in air. There are even mobile sandblasting companies which are used for stripping cement and brick buildings before the initiation of the restoration or painting procedure. The structures which are generally sandblasted without being transferred to the location of the sandblaster are overpasses and bridges found on the large highways. Mobile sandblasting service providers generally load all their devices on a trailer or truck and get to the site of the overpass or the bridge that needs to be sandblasted. These services set up huge tarpaulins for protecting the passing traffic from any kind of damage. They blast the entire area for removing rust, paint and various other substances allowing the workers to completely refinish the entire thing. During the sandblasting procedure, the areas that require proper protection from high-pressure sand like windows and doors are completely covered using rubber pads or mats. Ornamental trim, wooden doors and woodwork are objects which are not sandblasted. Therefore, they remain protected against all kinds of damages arising out of professional sandblasting.

The Procedure
Industrial sandblasting is one of the most used and the oldest procedures of treating metals. There are innumerable abrasive materials loaded using a vacuum system which pulls the grit from the storage tank. This is something which is also done manually. There is a control valve which operates in combination with compressed air which is forced into the storage tank which automatically pressurizes the receiver. It is when the compressed and high pressure sand goes out of discharge line that it pulls grit for effectively impinging the targeted metal object. This procedure is not very well monitored or controlled particularly when it does not seem to be an integral part of the manufacturing procedure. It is basically defined in the form of a multipurpose method which is used for roughening or cleaning surfaces. Proper and effective sandblasting tools are required for carrying out this procedure. Typical applications require sandblasting tools like air compressor and blaster nozzle for propelling the abrasive at a very high pressure. The grit type generally varies depending on specific application.

Grit Usage
Common varieties of grits which are used for industrial sandblasting include Iron and Copper Slag, Crushed Glass, Walnut Shells, Aluminum Oxide and Glass Beads. Aluminum oxide is generally used for surface preparation and finishing. The perfect grit that can be used for the removal of contaminants from the surfaces that tend to be a little aggressive is glass grit. Plastic abrasives are used for scraping off old paint and coatings without causing any damage to the underlying surface.